How to plan a tour

How to plan a tour

We individually plan tours as well as have individual approach with every client.

How to choose a tour?

There are about 60 tours on our web page, but it does not mean that while planning the tour you are limited with the certain tour ant it's schedule.

You can, either independently or after the consultations with us:
 Choose any of our tours;
 Choose only some part of a certain tour;
 Merge two or more tours (for instance: choose only some section from one tour and merge with entire another tour);
 Make any other modification;
 Choose the direction which is not in our list at all.

Use our filter in Tours page, which will help you to define the difficulty level (A, B-1, B-2, EX), historical province of Georgia and thus choose the tour fit for you.

Each tour has the field of standard features, where the basic details (difficulty level, hiking distance etc.) are specified.

If you can't easily decide where to go or how to plan a tour, contact us and we will help you to make the best decision.

How to contact us?

We work in interactive mode with clients, which means that we are always ready for talking with client to plan a tour and make the choice fit on client.

We are available:
 With e-mail:
 On Facebook
 With phone: +995 577 625484

Difficulty levels

Our tours are categorized into four difficulty levels:

A — Light excursion
Simple sightseeing tour. Does not include or negligibly includes hiking elements.

B-1 — Light hiking
Implies less hard physical load. Includes hiking on less rough terrain / less hard environmental conditions.

B-2 — Hard hiking
Implies hard physical load. Includes hiking on rough terrain / hard environmental conditions.

EX — Extreme hiking
Implies hard physical load. Includes hiking on especially rough terrain / especially hard environmental conditions. The participant of a hike is expected to be in a good physical condition and have an experience of participating in hard hiking tours. He/she must be physically and psychologically prepared for obstacles. The tour may include some threats that the participant will be warned about in advance (before planning the tour).

Legal part

See our Standard Terms of Tourist Services.