Mna Valley and Mna Fang

Mna Valley, Khevi (Khazbegi Municipality), Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 3 days
  • Hiking: 3 days
Extreme elevation difference:
1560 m / 5118 ft
Total hiking distance:
25,9 km / 16,1 miles
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back ✓
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
Maps and route description:
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The circumstances to be considered:

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● For obtaining necessary permit from Georgian Border Police, Bisna needs the photo of the information page of your passport that should be sent us at least 8 days prior the tour.

● On certain section(s), on slope(s), stones may slide or roll down when stepping on them. Each tour participant should be very careful on each step on such section.

● Slippery ascent(s)

● Slippery descent(s)

● Steep ascent(s)

● Steep descent(s)

● Crossing strong river stream(s), that, apart of being an obstacle and physical challenge, results in getting footwear (and maybe trousers too) wet as well.

● Getting footwear/trousers wet during the hike

Miscellaneous amateur videos:
● Mna Waterfall
● Mna Valley

Mna Valley and Mna Fang

Mna Valley, a valley of Mnistskhali River, is a part of Terek (Tergi) River Basin. Mnistskhali River itself is the biggest left tributary of Terek on the territory of Georgia. Mna Fang (Georgian: მნის ეშვი, Mnis Eshvi), a high rocky pillar is located on the range dividing Mna and Suatisi Valleys, at about 3600 m (11811 ft) above sea level.

Mna Fang

Mna Fang can be seen from the beginning of Truso Valley as well. For the most of a year it's bottom is covered with snow.

Mna Valley and Mna Fang

Mna Waterfall

Mna Fang is one of the rare "mission-impossibles" of Bisna, as ascending on it we missed some of the views because of a heavy mist.

Hiking route begins from the confluence of Terek and Mnistskhali. We'll pass almost the whole valley with huge rocks, old fortified village of Mna, Mna Church and Mna Waterfall. After the waterfall a steep ascent begins towards the fang. From the ascent breathtaking views spread on the valley, Mt. Kazbek and surrounding glaciers.

Mna Valley

After the end of alpine zone, rocky and lifeless landscape begins, where just the trace of presence of mountain goats can be detected.

At the elevation of 3600 m (11811 ft) we'll reach the bottom of Mna Fang, a huge rocky pillar erected on the edge of the range. Climbing equipment is needed to climb on the top of the fang, but you can enjoy the greatness of Mna Fang and the surrounding views from the fang's bottom too.

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