Samegrelo & Guria

Samegrelo & Guria, Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 2 days
  • Hiking: Negligible
Extreme elevation difference:
Total hiking distance:
In total, several km's light hiking (without backpack) that can be skipped by any tourist if desired. In this case the tourist misses the following sightseeing: 1. Shkhepi Fortress; 2. Sunset and Sunrise Hills of Bakhmaro
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back ✓
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
The circumstances to be considered:

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Miscellaneous amateur videos:
● Sunrise in Bakhmaro

Samegrelo & Guria

Visit the main sights of Samegrelo and Guria with Bisna and enjoy the thrilling views from Gomismta and Bakhmaro mountainous resorts.

Mt. Khvamli and Bezeng Wall (the highest section of the Caucasus range) seen from Bakhmaro

Tour Schedule:
1. Martvili Monastery (Samegrelo Province)
2. Martvili Canyon (Samegrelo Province)
3. Nokalakevi (Samegrelo Province)
4. Shkhepi Fortress (Samegrelo Province)
5. Khobi Monastery (Samegrelo Province)
6. Jumati Monastery (Guria Province)
7. Shemokmedi Monastery (Guria Province)
8. Gomismta mountainous resort (Guria Province)
9. Bakhmaro mountainous resort (Guria Province)

1. Martvili Monastery
Medieval monastic complex in the town of Martvili, historically one of the main Georgian religious and educational centers

2. Martvili Canyon
Also known as Gachedili Canyon, a canyon on Abashistskhali River

3. Nokalakevi
An ancient city on the left bank of Tekhuri River

4. Shkhepi Fortress
Medieval fortress in Senaki Municipality, on the top of a hill, overlooking Samegrelo scenery

5. Khobi Monastery
Medieval monastery of the Dormition of the Mother of God, a nunnery

6. Jumati Monastery
Monastery on Guria Range, overlooking Colchis Lowland to the north and Guria to the south, as well as Black Sea. Caucasus Mountains and other parts of Georgia also can be seen from the monastery

7. Shemokmedi Monastery
Medieval Monastery on a hilltop, near the town of Ozurgeti (the administrative center of Guria Region and Ozurgeti Municipality)

8. Gomismta mountainous resort
A mountainous resort and temporary (seasonal) settlement at about 2000 m (6562 ft) above sea level, overlooking Ozurgeti town, Guria and other parts of Western Georgia

9. Bakhmaro mountainous resort
Another mountainous resort at about 2000 m (6562 ft) above sea level. Bakhmaro's Sunset and Sunrise Hills have choking views respectively at sunset and sunrise, especially in good weather conditions. During sunrise, in good weather conditions, from Sunrise Hill you can see the peaks even hundreds of kilometres away.

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