Tusheti, Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 3 day
  • Hiking: Negligible
Extreme elevation difference:
Total hiking distance:
In total, several km's light hiking (without backpack) that can be skipped by any tourist if desired. In this case the tourist misses the following sightseeing: Kvavlo
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back ✓
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
The circumstances to be considered:

● Find our terms and conditions here.

● Steep ascent(s) (to Kvavlo village)

● Steep descent(s) (from Kvavlo village)

● High altitude change in a short time, that can affect body condition.


 Beautiful tiny villages with unbelivable locations on steep slopes and on the peaks of mountains
 Old towers
 Roads passing the precipices
 Peaks of Caucasus
 Deep valleys
 Coniferous forests
 Breathtaking views

A description cannot express the beauty of Tusheti and the emotions which you feel when seeing this province.

So, find out several free days and travel to one of the most amazing provinces of Georgia.

Dochu village, located on the top of a small, steep-sloped range

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