Kakheti. Sighnaghi — Bodbe — Khornabuji

kakheti, Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 1 day
  • Hiking: Negligible
Extreme elevation difference:
Total hiking distance:
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back X
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
The circumstances to be considered:

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● Khornabuji Fortress

Kakheti. Sighnaghi — Bodbe — Khornabuji

Bisna offers the standard tour of Kakheti, in which you can visit:

1. Sighnaghi
A picturesque tiny town built on a hilltop, with narrow, cobblestone streets, pastel buildings and nice views on surrounding Kakheti scenery

2. Bodbe Monastery
Bodbe St. Nino Monastery, a medieval nunnery in the village Bodbe, near Sighnaghi

3. Khornabuji Fortress
Remains of the powerful medieval stronghold, built on a high rocky hill

Apart from this tour, Bisna offers you another standard tour in Kakheti (Alazani Plain direction).

Khornabuji Fortress

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