Megaliths of Javakheti

Ninotsminda Municipality, Javakheti, Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 2 days
  • Hiking: 2 days
Extreme elevation difference:
702 m / 2303 ft
Total hiking distance:
27,6 km / 17,1 miles
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back ✓
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
Maps and route description:
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The circumstances to be considered:

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● On certain section(s), on slope(s), stones may slide or roll down when stepping on them. Each tour participant should be very careful on each step on such section.

● Steep ascent(s)

● Steep descent(s)

Megaliths of Javakheti

Shaori and Abuli Fortresses are located in Ninotsminda Municipality, Javakheti.

These two buildings, dated millennia B.C., are very special among Georgian megalith buildings. Their location and the size of the stones they are built with are astonishing. Abuli Fortress is especially huge and great.

These buildings are called "fortresses" as usual, but their actual purpose isn't fully researched yet.

Shaori Fortress on the mountaintop

Abuli Fortress

Shaori Fortress is locatedon the pic of Shaori Mountain, 2750 m (9022 ft) above sea level while Abuli Fortress is  built on the slope of Patara Abuli [Little Abuli] Mountain, on about 2670 m (8760 ft) above sea level.

Hike to Shaori and Abuli Fortresses and discover mysterious millennia-old megalith buildings of Javakheti with Bisna.

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