Abudelauri Lakes

Piraketa Khevsureti, Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 3 days
  • Hiking: 2 days
Extreme elevation difference:
860 m / 2822 ft
Total hiking distance:
16 km / 9,9 miles
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back ✓
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
Maps and route description:
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The circumstances to be considered:

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Miscellaneous amateur videos:
● Abudelauri Lakes seen from Chaukhi Pass

Abudelauri Lakes

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Abudelauri Lakes is one of the popular tourist destinations in Georgia. The track begins in Roshka village and includes seeing three Abudelauri Lakes (in sequence: Mtsvane [Green], Lurji [Blue] and Tetri [White]). The last one — White Abudelauri Lake is located on more than 2800 m (9186 ft) above sea level, directly at the foot Chaukhi Rocks and Chaukhi Glacier. Visiting a natural monument — Roshka Giant Stones (Georgian: როშკის ლოდები, Roshkis Lodebi) is also possible in the frames of the tour.

Abudelauri Lakes are also included in B-2 difficulty Juta-Roshka tour.

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