Tobavarchkhili Tour. Egrisi Range Lakes

Difficulty level:
  • Total: -
  • Hiking: -
Extreme elevation difference:
Total hiking distance:
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back X
  • 1 way ✓
  • Circuit X
Maps and route description:
WinRAR File
The circumstances to be considered:
● Find our terms and conditions here.
● Slippery ascent(s)
● Slippery descent(s)
● Ascent(s) on glacier(s)
● Descent(s) on glacier(s)
● Steep ascent(s)
● Steep descent(s)
● Crossing strong river stream(s), that, apart of being an obstacle and physical challenge, results in getting footwear (and maybe trousers too) wet as well.
● Stepping/hiking in wet conditions (river streambed, swamp, wet or humid soil, deep mud etc.)
● Getting footwear/trousers wet during the hike
● High grass
● Biting insects

Tobavarchkhili Tour. Egrisi Range Lakes


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