Arkhoti. Isartghele Pass Route

Pirikita Khevsureti, Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 5 days
  • Hiking: 4 days
Extreme elevation difference:
2015 m / 6611 ft
Total hiking distance:
From Juta - 58,2 km / 36,2 miles | From Roshka - 56,8 km / 35,3 miles
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back X
  • 1 way ✓
  • Circuit X
Maps and route description:
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The circumstances to be considered:

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● On certain section(s), on slope(s), stones may slide or roll down when stepping on them. Each tour participant should be very careful on each step on such section.

● Slippery ascent(s)

● Slippery descent(s)

● Steep ascent(s)

● Steep descent(s)

● Crossing strong river stream(s), that, apart of being an obstacle and physical challenge, results in getting footwear (and maybe trousers too) wet as well.

● Stepping/hiking in wet conditions (river streambed, swamp, wet or humid soil, deep mud etc.)

● Getting footwear/trousers wet during the hike

Arkhoti. Isartghele Pass Route

View of Arkhoti from Isarthghele Pass

Arkhoti is the most isolated among settled areas of Georgia.

Pirikita Khevsureti (the part of Khevsureti located noth of the Caucasus Range) consists of three valleys:
Ardoti Valley — the basin of Andaki (Ardotistskhali) River;
Shatili Valley — the basin of Arghun River;
Arkhoti Valley — the basin of Asa (Arkhotistskhali) River.

Arkhoti is the most remote and hard-to-reach among these three valleys. There are no communications in the valley and no cellular coverage. The road to the villages of Arkhoti was made just in 2017. Before it, Arkhoti was the only settled area in Georgia, where no kind of vehicle could reach.

There are three villages in Arkhoti: Chimgha, Akhieli and Amgha. Their total permanent population doesn't exceed 15 persons. 

We can start the route either from village Roshka of Piraketa Khevsureti (Dusheti Municipality) or from village Juta of Khevi (Khazbegi Municipality).

Roshka village

From Roshka, the way to Arkhoti lies on the new road crossing Caucasus Range through Arkhoti Pass while from Juta we have to hike on a mountain path through Arkhotistavi Pass (3265 m / 10712 ft).

Taniestskhali River

In both cases we pass the rocky massif of Chimga from right and go to Akhieli Village. Akhieli is followed by Amgha village. After Amgha, through the narrow valley of Asa River and Kavis Kari, we reach the place where Taniestskhali (the right tributary of Asa) flows into Asa.

Taniestskhali Valley is on of the most difficult sections of the tour. We often have to cross the river and sometimes to walk in streambed. Finally we reach the place where two main streams of Taniestskhali meet.

From here we continue to the left (it meants to the valley of the right tributary). But before this, we can ascent into the valley of left tributary, see Tanie Lake and return back.

Tanie Lake

View of Arkhoti
from Isartghele Pass

After hiking certain distance in the valley of the right tributary, we turn to the right and start to ascent fast. After several hours on steep ascent, we reach one of the hardest-to-reach passes in Georgia — Isartghele, located on Khevsureti Range, about 3500 m (11483 ft) above sea level. From Isartghele Pass, we can enjoy the amazing views on Arkhoti and Shatili Valleys, Kidegana Glacier and surrounding peaks.

We leave the pass and through steep descents and hard-to-hike small valleys reach Giorgitsminda village. from this village we go to the road of Shatili. That is the end of our tour.

Apart from Isartghele Pass direction, you can choose Arkhoti tour with Tanie Pass direction, which is less difficult than Isartghele route.

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