Truso Valley

Truso Valley, Khevi (Khazbegi Municipality), Georgia
Difficulty level:
  • Total: 3 days
  • Hiking: 2 days
Extreme elevation difference:
358 m / 1175 ft
Total hiking distance:
There and back through Kasara Canyon: 44,1 km / 27,4 miles | There and back through Kasara Canyon Bypass (the pass on the right bank of Terek): 50 km / 33,1 ft
Hiking route direction:
  • There & back ✓
  • 1 way X
  • Circuit X
Maps and route description:
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The circumstances to be considered:

● Find our terms and conditions here.

● For obtaining necessary permit from Georgian Border Police, Bisna needs the photo of the information page of your passport that should be sent us at least 8 days prior the tour.

● Crossing strong river stream(s), that, apart of being an obstacle and physical challenge, results in getting footwear (and maybe trousers too) wet as well.

● Getting footwear/trousers wet during the hike

Miscellaneous amateur videos:
● Kasara Canyon
● Truso Travertines

Truso Valley

Truso Valley 
— the valley of Terek (Tergi) River from it's source to Almasiani village. The valley is almost entirely abandoned by local population.

In the valley, there are number of abandoned villages with old towers and ruins of other fortification buildings.

It can be stated that some of the fortified villages of Truso Valley are almost of the same size and architectural significance as  as those of Khevsureti and Tusheti. Village of Mna (in Mna Valley), Ketrisi, Abano, Zakagori, Karatkhau, Burmasigi, Tepi and Resi are among them. Resi village is the highest (2400 m / 7874 ft) settlement in Georgia, but as it is abandoned nowadays, it is not mentioned among Georgia's and Europe's highest settlements any more.

Truso Travertines, which are formed by mineral-enriched springs of the valley, is an interesting sightseeing as well.

Truso Travertines

Only Bisna offers you to travel in the highest part of Truso Valley. 

Travel to Truso Valley with Bisna and feel the mystery of abandoned fortified villages of the valley.

Mount Jimara (4780 m / 15682 ft), the fourth highest peak of Georgia

Mount Kazbek seen from Truso Valley

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